Important to Move More All Day

With my focus on movement this month, I have been realizing how important it is for me to move more all day. I typically work on my computer several hours a day and I know staying in that posture for extended periods causes me shoulder tension, so I have been exploring ways I can break that pattern. The [...]

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The Healing Power of Movement

My theme for June is The Healing Power of Movement. I will be sharing information and leading exercises about this topic during my two Heal Your Life and Mind-Body Skills Support Group meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings in June, as well as in my blog posts and on social media. Movement is [...]

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Are You Journaling?

Did you know that journaling is a powerful tool to empower your transition and create a fulfilling future for yourself? Journaling is a type of creative expression, which is a mind-body skill we can use to better manage stress, anxiety, and health conditions to create a healthier lifestyle! Begin journaling and begin experiencing these benefits: [...]

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Women’s Week September Events

I'm presenting several free workshops during Women's Week September 16 - 25, 2011.  Learn more about all the events and the Women's Council of Greater Baton Rouge by clicking here.  I hope you can join me for one or more of my events, and please help spread the word. Pre-registration is required as instructed in the workshop descriptions below, and there [...]

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