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Whether you are seeking a career transition or dealing with one that you did not seek do you find yourself…

Beating yourself up because of your circumstances?

Challenged with which direction to go?

Don’t know how to react to a situation?

Frustrated more often than not?


dreambigThere are many different reasons people struggle with career transitions: limiting beliefs; not believing it’s possible; lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills; not being able to set priorities and manage activities; and procrastination. Heal Your Life® Coaching AND the workshops/study groups can help you overcome these blocks and energize your career transition whether you chose it or not.

As your personal coach, I will support you to move from being frustrated and stuck to create a joyful and fulfilling career. One-to-one coaching meetings can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via skype.  Working together, we will assess what’s working and not working with your career situation, clearly define your transition goals, and make consistent progress on bringing your dreams to reality. You can transform your life and create a fulfilling career by getting clear about your desires, focusing on them more often, and consistently taking steps along the path of your dreams.

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Transition Success Stories

A coaching client was ready to reenter the  workforce after having her second child; however, she wasn’t clear what type of position would be right for her. She knew what she didn’t want, so we started discussing in our sessions what she desired to experience in her new position. She focused her attention on developing a vision and mindset aligned with her ideal position. She was diligent about assessing the opportunities that came available to her in comparison to her vision, and soon an opportunity came along that offered her the aspects she desired. I am continually amazed by my clients experiences of creating just what they want or something even better!