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Carolee with Louise Hay, Founder of Heal Your Life and Hay House.


Coaching can help you identify your deepest passions and goals, find new ways to focus on them, and identify and eliminate barriers that might be getting in the way. You can transform your life by getting clear about your desires and turning your dreams to reality.

As a certified Heal Your Life® coach, I work with clients, using tools like affirmations and visualization, to support them in strengthening their foundation of loving themselves completely and fully. I help each client create and follow a path to more fulfillment that works for them.

I would love to support you with coaching.  While working together, we will assess what’s working and not working in your life, clearly define your values and goals, and make progress to achieving your dreams on a weekly basis. One-to-one coaching meetings can be conducted in person or on the phone. I also offer group coaching sessions.

I have personally experienced amazing transformation in my life by working with a coach to keep me focused and accountable, and I am excited about the possibility of supporting you to create whatever you would like to experience more of in your life.

Many people talk about what they want and never take the steps to get there. There are many different reasons: limiting beliefs, not believing it’s possible, lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills, not being able to set priorities and manage activities, and procrastination. Heal Your Life® Coaching AND the workshops and study groups can help you overcome all of these blocks.

What is Heal Your Life® Coaching?

A Heal Your Life® Coach can help you improve EVERY area of life – relationships, health,
financial well-being, business success, spiritual growth, and overall living life more fully.

Do any of these questions apply to YOUR life?

  • Are you unhappy with your job or career?
  • Do you find yourself often worrying about the future?
  • Do you feel frustrated with the things you have to do rather than being able to do things you choose to do?
  • Do you have goals you haven’t been able to achieve?
  • Is your life out of balance?
  • Do you experience a number of stress symptoms?
  • Would you like to develop more effective skills and habits to help you achieve your goals?
  • Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
  • Do you have a sense of your life purpose?
  • Are you lacking as much joy as you used to have?
  • Do you need help deciding what you want to be when you grow up?
  • Do you want to achieve greater self-acceptance?
  • Do you ever feel there is something holding you back from success?
  • Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, a Heal Your Life® Coach can help! We all need assistance at times in our lives to help us move forward. Heal Your Life® Coaches are uniquely trained to listen deeply, guide you through releasing limitations, and empowering you with the skills to transform your life. It is truly a priceless gift to work with a Heal Your Life® Coach.

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The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.”
– Louise L. Hay

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My time with Carolee was LIFE CHANGING. I was ready to change my life and move out of negative thought patterns, blaming others, and feeling sorry for myself. Carolee helped me see life differently. Working with her, I experienced positive changes in my own life and learned how extremely powerful my thoughts are in creating my reality. I highly recommend coaching with Carolee to anyone ready to live their best life! – Baton Rouge Client