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Whether you are seeking a heath transition of your own or supporting a spouse, partner, significant other or family member with a health crisis do you find yourself…

Drained and out of energy?

Frustrated with what’s not working?

Feeling like there are no answers?

Beating yourself up for where you are?

Couple meditating at the beach with arms upThere are many different reasons people struggle with improving their health: limiting beliefs such as not believing optimum health is possible for them; lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills; not being able to navigate through the various medical services available; and procrastination. Heal Your Life® Coaching AND the workshops/study groups can help you overcome these blocks and energize your health transition or support someone else in health transition.

As your personal coach, I will support you to move from being frustrated to create more health, joy, and well-being. One-to-one coaching meetings can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via skype.  Working together, we will assess what’s working and not working with your health, clearly define your health transition goals, and make consistent progress on bringing your dreams to reality. You can transform your life to experience better health and well-being by getting clear about your desires, focusing on them more often, and consistently taking steps along the path of your dreams.

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Transition Success Stories

A participant in one of my mind-body skills group had struggled with chronic health issues for years, having gone through several surgeries and taking lots of medication. I will always remember when she was ECSTATIC to realize that she could have a similar experience as running, which she had not been able to do in years, by doing active meditation like shaking & dancing and chaotic breathing. A few months after our 8-week mind-body skills group was complete, she attended a goal-setting workshop that I facilitated and shared with me that she had been able to quit taking seizure medication she had been on for years. She felt amazingly better and was grateful that the mind-body skills group had helped her achieve that accomplishment. Witnessing her health transformation was incredible!