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Mind-body skills can be used to reduce stress, take better care of yourself, and improve your health and well-being. The best part is they are simple and cost only your time. Here are a few to consider: deep breathing, movement, meditation, mindful eating, guided imagery, and self-expression such as writing or drawing. These simple skills have been scientifically proven to produce lasting health improvements.

I am certified in mind-body medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and I serve on the faculty of the Mind-Body Center of Louisiana. I currently facilitate Mind-Body Skills Groups in south Louisiana, and I have seen wonderful transformations occur with group members when they use the skills in their lives.  I love to share the science that is proving these skills work, and learning these skills in a group is fun and supportive.  If you are interested in participating in a group, please check my event calendar or email me for more information. I also work with clients in individual sessions to identify and practice mind-body skills that will empower their personal transition to create a life they love.

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If you like to receive gifts, give yourself the life changing gift of the Mind-Body Skills class with Carolee Laffoon. If you open your heart and trust in the power of the mind you will receive healing in a very profound manner. -Judith Sinclair