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Whether you are in a relationship transition with your spouse, partner, significant other or family member do you find yourself…

Looking for love?

Yearning for your ideal relationship?

Being frustrated in your current relationship?

Trouble communicating?

Need help getting the perfect relationship?

coupleThere are many different reasons people struggle with getting what they desire: limiting beliefs; not believing it’s possible; lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills; not being able to set priorities and manage activities; and procrastination. Heal Your Life® Coaching AND the workshops/study groups can help you overcome these blocks and energize your relationship transition whether you desire to improve your current relationship or connect with the partner of your dreams.

As your personal coach, I will support you to move from being frustrated to create a relationship you love. One-to-one coaching meetings can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via skype.  Working together, we will assess what’s working and not working in the relationship area of your life, clearly define your transition goals, and make consistent progress on bringing your dreams to reality. You can transform your life to experience more joy and fulfillment in your relationships by getting clear about your desires, focusing on them more often, and consistently taking steps along the path of your dreams.

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Transition Success Stories

Significant Other Relationship: A coaching client was frustrated with her husband and the patterns they had seemed to fall into. During our sessions, she started focusing more on creating a vision of what she would enjoy experiencing in her relationship. Rather than being frustrated and angry, she shifted her attention to positive thoughts and how she could nurture the relationship. I will always remember her enthusiasm when she showed up for an appointment AMAZED with how her husband had transformed without her ever asking him to do anything different! She was incredibly grateful and super-motivated to continue creating and experiencing the relationship of her dreams.
Mother/Daughter Relationship: Here’s a story from a Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop series attendee. Nicky began to experience amazing shifts in her life after the workshop simply due to the internal work she had done. She said that the very next week she felt things shifting – her mother who decided many years ago not be part of her life had a change of heart and reached out to her. Nicky was cautious at first, and decided to be open to see how the relationship would develop. They became closer, and just a few months later her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Nicky was incredibly grateful that their relationship had been rekindled so she could support her mom through the biggest challenge of her life. Her story illustrates how much power doing our inner work really holds – when we love ourselves and others unconditionally and are forgiving, powerful shifts can occur in our external world.