Reinventing Yourself in Retirement 2017-04-20T11:24:23+00:00

Whether you are nearing retirement or getting settled into it do you find yourself…

Anxious about the future?

Challenged with how to make your life flow?

Criticizing yourself for past choices or lack of?

Overwhelmed with your circumstance?

RetirementThere are many different reasons people struggle with transition to and in retirement: limiting beliefs; not believing in yourself; lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills; not being able to set priorities and manage activities; and procrastination. Heal Your Life® Coaching AND the workshops/study groups can help you overcome these blocks and energize yourself during life transitions whether you are preparing for it or caught frustrated with it by surprise.

As your personal coach, I will support you to move from being frustrated and stuck to creating a joyful and fulfilling retirement transition. One-to-one coaching meetings can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via skype.  Working together, we will assess what’s working and not working with your retirement situation, clearly define your transition goals, and make consistent progress on bringing your dreams to reality. You can transform your life and create more joy and fulfillment by getting clear about your desires, focusing on them more often, and consistently taking steps along the path of your dreams.

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Transition Success Stories

A coaching client was incredibly frustrated with life and angry about her circumstances since she had retired a few years before. She had not been able to get in a new groove that felt right to her. She was anxious and often beat herself up about the decisions she had made in the past. If she had just made different choices early in her career, she would be in a different place now. She yearned for the work relationships that had faded away since she retired. Attempts to reconnect to folks from her past or create new relationships often led to frustration and dissatisfaction. In our sessions, she started to explore what kinds of activities she might enjoy now that she had more time to focus on different things, and she started exploring the hurt feelings that were keeping her stuck in the past. Over several weeks of working towards her goals, she was able to transition into a retirement that was fulfilling and joyful.  Witnessing her transformation from frustration and anxiety to contentment and excitement about the future and was amazing.